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Recap: David Woolley and Jackie Cornwall at Poetry on Tap

Great to see so many of you at Poetry on Tap yesterday! Thanks for coming along, and thanks for those of you who actually told us you enjoyed it — although we can *see* that you do, it makes the organiser-y bit a lot more satisfying if we know you’re having as much fun as we are…! 🙂

Thanks again to our wonderful guest poets David Woolley and Jackie Cornwall (I especially enjoyed David Woolley’s opening line ‘You don’t have to be drunk to be a poet… but it helps’ and Jackie Cornwall transporting us to exotic places in the space of a poem — IA), and congrats to Leeum Johnson and Susie Wild on their open mic wins!

Please remember that we are at a NEW VENUE next time – upstairs at the Old Orleans restaurant and bar near St John’s Church. This is about 4 minutes walk from The Promised Land. The change is simply down to the fact that PoT is getting more and more popular, and we need more room!


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